Selected references

 Simultaneous interpretation:
  • Live show of MDR, interview with Ruslana (Russian) 
  • SES Saale Energie (English)
  • Interpreting at the European Patent Office (Russian/English)
  • Interpreting (energy) at the Kremlin (Russian)
  • Interpreting for Verbundnetz Gas AG (VNG), Brian Donkin RMG and Gazprom (Russian/English/German)
  •  interpreting during the festive gathering when the federal chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel received her honorary doctorate in Leipzig (English)
  • Conference with the topic: economy (Russian)
  • BIONORICA conference about homeopathic drugs (English/Russian)
  • Interpreting for Pfizer on a conference (English/Russian)
Interpretation in court:
  • Interpretation of court sessions (Russian, English)
  • Interpretation of questionings and hearings (Russian, English)
Consecutive interpretation:
  • Press conference at Leipzig Airport; Introduction of a new airline (Russian)
  • South America conference at Leipzig University; interpreting the Head of the University (English)
  • Interpretation of the Egyptian ambassador and the attending speakers while the opening of the Egyptian museum in Leipzig (English)

Other types of interpretation:
  • Accompanying a Russian businessman to negotiations: CeBIT Hannover, Paris (Russian, bilateral)
  • Accompanying a Russian military delegation in Germany (Russian, bilateral)
  • Interpretation of an interview for a German newspaper (LVZ) with Prof. Javier Solana (English, bilateral)
  • Camelina conference cameline oil (Russian, bilateral)
  • Interpretation of a marriage ceremony (Russian, bilateral)
  • Accompanying a patient in hospital (Russian, bilateral, Universitätsklinik Leipzig)
  • Interpreting while a medical expertise (Russian, bilateral)
  • Interpreting for a notary (Russian, English, bilateral)
  • Interpreting of business talks (Russian, bilateral, IHK Leipzig)

Translations (authorised):
  • Juristic contracts (for instance contracts of employment, purchase agreements)
  • Job references, driving licenses, birth certificates, school certificates, income text cards etc.
  • Conference texts
  • Medical texts (epicrisis, report on diagnostic findings)
  • Technical instructions (Würth)
  • Write-offs
  • Pharmaceutical texts (approvals, studies)
  • Homepages (Pommer, Petersen Tegl)
Language courses: 
  • Russian
  • English
  • German 
  • Director at a private academy for interpreting and translation, organizing a course of studies,
    FUU Göttingen, working as a lecturer for English and Russian
  • teaching English (children) at a private school (Rahnschule)
  • Working as a lecturer for the Medizinisches Bildungszentrum in Weißenfels (teaching medical terminology, English)
  • Working as a lecturer for LSI Sprachinstitut, training of IT-experts (teaching of terminology)
  • Teaching English in Kindergardens
  • Development of a textbook "English for technical professions" for an EU project and lecturing
Assistance in writing a Bachelor or Masters Thesis in the areas of translation and interpreting
  • Extensive assistance in writing a masters thesis about advertising slogans
  • Transcription of interviews for a diploma thesis


  • Proofreading for De Gruyter